Gulliver’s Challenges in Lilliput!

As a UX writer in a new company, how can we avoid feeling alienated?

A UX Writer is a new job in the world of online business. No doubt about it. From within the world of digital businesses and startups, people frequently ask us: Who are you?

Is it our job to be patient prophets like Noah who have been calling people to the right path for a thousand years?

No, because UX writers are still in the first steps. I don’t think this field has its summit, so the UX writers around the world are still in the hillside and have a lot to learn.

We shouldn’t be expected to be prophets. We have to spend a lot of time understanding, learning, discovering, and understanding problems. We can’t divide our power at the same time: part of it is learning, part of it is proving ourselves as a design partner.

Empathy and acceptance are key. We won’t be able to design quality products for people unless it’s accepted and understood by the design and technical teams. If we don’t, then we get hopeless. If we’re lucky, we can use part of our skills at work and put the rest away because it has no customers.

We’re like the first doctors or inventors who few believed. We all try to show the value of our work, but it’s better to do it in an atmosphere like Gulliver’s travels, not Galileo’s inquisition!

Be careful if you’re a UX Writer and you’re thinking about joining a new company!

Don’t join a company that doesn’t understand UX Writing and only hears or reads a few things about it.

Join a team that doesn’t think UX Writing is a side job.

Don’t join a team that thinks UX Writing is just words.

Don’t join a team that doesn’t have specific plans to include you on the design team and expects you to be a prophet and carry yourself a lot.



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